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"When it comes to a cricket bat, there is nothing better than a handmade cricket bat for yourself. I have just purchased a ST Cricket bat for my boy, it’s handmade, and it is really special and has a lot of meat on it. Thank you ST Cricket for this cricket bat."

Fanie De Villiars( Ex Player, South Africa National Team)

"Here my time to write about ST cricket Bat !!!i know the Bat maker who making STcricket Bats from 2009 all i can say i was His first clients who buy ST Cricket Bat .now i can say he is legend in bat making and proud to know him Sudeep Thakur and today more proud to see his bat in international marker one word Bravo here is one of his great bat "

Prakash Mishra (Captain, Bulgaria National Team)

"Mr. Sudeep Thakur, producing Best Cricket bats - If anyone in Eastern Europe is Interested in Buying good Cricket Sticks ST Cricket is the best place to reach out to - Lets Talk/Play/Promote Cricket"

Muhammad Ali (Baneasa Cricket Club)

"A Cricketer come bat maker, makes it easier for you to understand what one wants from you, and you are skilled enough to shape the willow how one imagined it to be. The amount of ST bats used in Romania speaks for itself. Thanks for the spectacular bat you made for me, the best thing was the love and passion you put into making my bat and now i am reaping runs with it. I am lucky to have my 1st bat made by you. Amazed at your work and good luck with the many more astounding bats to be made! "

Sanjay Kanth (Player, Romania National Team)

"Thanks for the Awesome bat Sudeep Thakur, It has lovely pick up and balance and ideal weight for me who relies more on shoulder then timing. It only took 1min for me to explain and you got it spot on i will come back to you again for another bat. Best thing about the bat you made i know its made for me with care and passion and there is no other like that in the market. Thanks "

Sufiyan Mohammed (Player,Hungaria National Team)

"You will not be disappointed by one of Sudeep's bats, he is a truly gifted bat maker, who tailors the bat to the person, the bat he made me is awesome and I have named it the B52 bomber based on its unique shape and destructive payload. I strongly recommend his bats."

Charlie Crocker (Transilvania Cricket Club)

"Well, the first time I saw the ST bat I was at the receiving end! The last time I was carted out of the cricket ground mercilessly was a very long time ago and till now I have been touting myself as an off spinner with some guile. But my recent experience in Bucharest where three of my deliveries were sent out of the ground in a effortless manner made me applaud the batsman's skill and to check the "Tool of Destruction" he was using.
Well, the tool turned out to be an absolute non-descript, non-threatening cricket bat called ST! Well, I have never heard of one before and was wondering where this guy picked it up?
Cutting a long story short, ST has now become a favorite bat for our club members and a personal favorite to me now. Since that massacre, I have got 4 ST's from Sudeep and all of them are tremendous in their performance. Got to give it to Sudeep Thakur as he has the Midas touch in making your cricket bat a personal statement. Cheers "

Rajesh Misca( Player/Coach, Romania National Team)